About Me

About Me

My birth certificate says my name is Sławomir (pron. ‘swah-voh-meer’), proclaimer of peace.

My driver’s license says my name is Slawomir (pron. ‘slah-voh-meer’), because there is no ‘ł’ in the English alphabet.

My mom calls me Sławek (pron. ‘swah-vek’), because she knows what sound an ‘ł’ makes and because no child should have a name that’s more than two syllables long.

Everyone else calls me Slav (pron. ‘slahv’) because it’s four letters and it’s close enough.

I love to travel, especially on a budget.

I experience the world through my stomach.

I want to see as many glaciers and coral reefs as I can before they all disappear.

I live in Colorado.

I’m an engineer, but I firmly believe in a good left brain/right brain balance.

I follow the teachings of Homer Simpson, Steve Zissou and Tiziano Terzani.

I own a kick ass ‘Swagger Wagon’. It’s a ‘Swagger Wagon’ and not a ‘Candy Van’… (if I had any candy in the van I would have eaten it by now).